Amplifying Voices

I’m happy to be part of Santropol Roulant community and I’m proud to have contributed to this beautiful project. Six senior clients from Santropol shared their life stories and perceptions about life, love, community, autonomy, health and more. Watch the videos to meet these lovely guys!

Amplifying Voices Credits
Alda Cadieux
Rosanne L’Écuyer
Augustine Girard
Edgar Lion
Anne Robichaud
Jan Spaniel

Filming and interviewing
Ashley Duong
Richard Spiegel
Mayumi Robinson
Louis Beaucage
Tássia Camões
Lauren Kolyn
Claudia Atomei
Editing, transcription
Rafael Favero (Head Editor)
Jean Milliken
Martin Morin
Olive Bailey
Julia Evans
Swathi Meenakshi
Claire Desbiens
Julia Gunst

For more info, check Santropol’s website.

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